Kristy York profile image Kristy York @KristyYork01
Mindset Matters Group is learning the importance of being “present”! #hereandnow #smallgroups #AVCato twitter image
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Brent Mischnick, M.Ed. profile image Brent Mischnick, M.Ed. @MischMindset
#castleberryisd #avcato #ceroars #joyjames #immslions #chs_lions #reachcisd twitter image
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Emily Rudd profile image Emily Rudd @MsRudd3
Good advice from our 4th graders! (And the correct use of they’re!!) #avcato #castleberryisd twitter image
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Castro profile image Castro @CastroAVCato
Today my wiggle monsters put a puzzle together They were thrilled!! We went to snap a pic & I asked them to smile which led to a discussion about smiling eyes which coincedently tied into our library lesson. Keep those eyes smiling! #AVCato #CastroFirstFun twitter image
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Chrisann Widtfeldt profile image Chrisann Widtfeldt @mswidtfeldt
Girls just wanna learn! Girl power! (Where are the boys?)#Avcato twitter image
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Heather Lamb profile image Heather Lamb @heatherlamb08
#castleberryisd Students & Families! Ask your Teacher-Librarian for your school code! Get signed in and get reading. We've got some really great eBooks and audiobooks ready to borrow. #chs_lions #immslions #ceroars #avcato #jje
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Ms. Jensen profile image Ms. Jensen @MsJensen_4
4th graders working hard during tutoring...using their T-chart strategies without any prompting! SUPER proud!! #AVCato #CastleberryISD twitter image
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Lindsay Daniels profile image Lindsay Daniels @LDanielsCISD
Our Young Architects are gearing up for AVCato virtual career day this Friday! We are using our knowledge of 3D shapes to make our structures and drawing blueprints. #avcato #castleberryisd #careerday twitter image
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Mr.Harrell Mr.Harrell'sMusic @CatoMusic
I'm in a Stevie Wonder mood and just had to share one of his songs. Tell someone you love them today. Love you all, love working at AV Cato and the team's dedication to education, community, and future!! #AVCato #castleberryisd
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Charles Gideon profile image Charles Gideon @GideonAVCatoAP
As the #COVIDcoordinator for the campus...the motto at #AVCato for 2021 is...”Stay Positive, Test Negative!” Thanks @dallasmavs @kporzee
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